3 thoughts on “Day 152: Freakin’ Stehekin: A Zero in Paradise

  1. Wow…finally some relief!. You write so vividly, I almost feel like I’m living this too. After reading the last bits where you were so cold and so hungry, this post is so extremely rewarding. I’m also sort of glad you waited until you got home to recount the terrible days. If I had been reading them in real time as they happened, I would have been worried to death for you. I’m sooo glad you survived all that. It sounded pretty iffy there for a while.

    Thank you again for sharing all of this. You have such an incredible writing style. This post in particular had some very clever turns of the word.

  2. Glad you made it to chow down. Would loved to have been there too. I lol-ed at your Karda$hian comment! Now I’d rather know what lichen you looked up!

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