6 thoughts on “Day 149: what it’s like to not have fingers

  1. i am so sad you went through these kinds of times. but i get a little relief from them… because i’m beginning to be realistic about my body and it’s capabilities, and i don’t think i could do a thru-hike. (i went for three 2-hour walks on three consecutive days on pavement, pushing a stroller, wearing bad shoes, on hilly streets and my body wanted to KILL me. my hip joints, my knee joints, my feet and ankles… i was having charley-horses at night and throbbing, pulsing bone-pain in my legs. i walked with a noticeable limp for 3 days after the last of those walks! just from that!) so, when you make thru-hiking out to be Miserable Torture, it makes me feel better that i can’t do it! so thanks!

  2. I’m completely addicted to your PCT blog. I can understand the immense sadness you felt as your hike was coming to an end, as I am feeling sad that soon your PCT blog will come to its end. Then I’ll be going through Carrot Quinn PCT blog withdrawal. I look forward to your book on your epic hike, and wish you love, joy, and all the things you need and desire your entire life. Does the Universe hear a stranger’s wish for another stranger? How could it not!

  3. Fascinating writing! I too will be going through Carrot PCT stories withdrawals. Can’t wait for the book. Merry Christmas to you Carrot!

  4. The photos for this part were particularly haunting and beautiful! Lovely. Lovely. Lovely! (pass the ‘salt-n-vinegar’ chips, willya?)

  5. “Hypothermia’s chasing me like a Dog.” <– it doesn't get much more punchy and piquant than that, Car…Good work! You can stay in my mind any time you'd like!

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