8 thoughts on “Day 147: Salvation, thy name is Ten Speed

  1. “Thru-hiking feels like life, it feels like being alive. It feels more real than anything.”
    You’re a good writer so I know you know how good this line was. Awesome!
    Thanks for telling us a story we can dream about.

  2. Here’s hoping that your tonsils remain yuck-free for all time. Here’s a link for the story of another hiker who had their thru-hike interrupted by tonsillitis this year (on the AT). http://www.lucieonthelam.com/tag/recovery/ I am so very glad that i had my tonsils out when i was little, and wish that i could afford elective surgery to have an appendectomy.

  3. You! you! you! you got me hooked on those Lays “Salt and Vinegar” potato chips! I can’t stop eating them! aaargh! (gnashing of teeth) They are indescribably good! (and I hate you!) LOL

  4. “I’ll give you a ride to urgent care,” he says, “I just have to find someone to eat these hotdogs first. I was hoping some more hikers would show up.”

    “I will eat all of those hotdogs,” I say. And I do.

    Fabulous! Amazing – not the quote – but I love that too! What an amazing thing this all is! I’m smiling at your triumph! Cheering you on even though you are done. I can’t imagine doing it alone – my son and I are gearing up for PCT 2015! He’d never leave me and of course I’m with him always!

    Rose –

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