9 thoughts on “Day 145: the accidental bushwhacking alternate

  1. Wow. Your writing is so powerful. Almost every post moves me in some way.
    Just like you didn’t want the experience of walking the PCT to end, I don’t want the experience of reading it to end. You are perhaps the best writer I have ever read, and I read a lot. Can’t wait for your book!! And I may just have to go back and read all your posts again from day one. Thank you!

  2. Carrot you really are an extraordinary writer. And so brave… I feel so tender and motherly towards you-ill-and-feverish-a-few-months-ago and I’m glad you are writing now and we know that you made it through in one piece.

  3. Hi, Lord knows how I found myself reading your exploits, but I am, and enjoying them indeed from Geneva, Switzerland. But I picked you up around day 80 perhaps and only just thought I’d read a little from the start… Day 9 to 28 or so? Cannae find them I’m afraid? They exist?

  4. What an adventure! I was looking at Google Earth trying to visualize your bushwhack route. Wasn’t quite able to figure out. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure: bushwhacking around portions of that lake look like a real chore. To tackle while sick!? Badass.

  5. Love your journal. This was the best entry yet.

    Pro tip: next time take a pic of Roho’s map with your phone. I do it with all my trail maps now. But your story is much better sans maps. 🙂

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