4 thoughts on “Day 137: seek the mystery and stuff

  1. Carrot, you have to write your book. Every time I finish one of your posts, I ask “is that all? I want more!”. I believe with all my heart that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    Your detailed, richly described stories read like my best loved novels. Or better. I hope it is not too selfish of me to be longing for you to publish that book. Our reader delights payed for by your creative toil. But you love it, don’t you?

    Thanks Carrot. I hope you’re finding your way in southern Oregon.

  2. I’m reading through your posts again. So fun and inspiring. I totally get your spirituality. I’m an atheist but still can feel the beauty of nature, art, music, life as if possessed by some holy spirit or something. I generally don’t argue with an ardent Christian, or Muslim for that matter. They have been trained to filter out any reason that will make them think about their religious beliefs. Waste of time, like having a conversation with a wall. Actually, I prefer a wall. . 🙂


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