16 thoughts on “Day 136: every. single. night. Plus an update!

  1. Hi Carrot,
    Thank you so much for continuing your blog. I love it when the link pops up in my email, and I can enjoy another peek into your life, which you express so well. You have a wonderful gift to express so much feeling and atmosphere into your words, that I can almost feel I am on the trail. I am not sure what job you are looking for, but I hope you can be paid for your writing!
    Best wishes,
    David (father of a part-thruhiker)

  2. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I very much enjoy reading your messages. I ran afoul of poison oak myself many years ago when I and a couple of friends were hitch-hiking around. We slept in the bushes in the hills east of Berkeley Ca, and I was the lucky one who got the systemic poison oak party. Everything swelled up. My face was three times its normal width, I walked funny, and I’m pretty sure I looked like an oozing mongoloid.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  3. Will keep a sharp eye out for a job for you in S. Oregon. Thing is, for most jobs, you’d need a car. Any plans to get one? I could see you maybe writing a nature column for the Mail Tribune. That could maybe be done from home, though you’d need to get out and scout trails. What sort of job do you have in mind? Some pretty nice trails in the Red Buttes and the Applegate, for sure.
    Best to you,
    Huge Carrot Fan.

  4. Thank you for all of your posts!! So many experiences we share: I had poison ivy this summer so bad that i thought it was going to be the end of me…i also ran out of food on a long hike, many years ago on the AT. How is it that delirium can set in after only 2 days without food? And, my love for my dogs, and hopefully their love for me, also vastly enriches and constrains my life, all at the same time. One thing we don’t have in common is relatively close proximity to all of that Cesium-137 that is eventually going to spew out of fukushima, and also that you finished the PCT, and i didn’t 😦
    Best wishes for all happiness in your new home!

  5. I hope that you are able to make your new nest snug. Sorry to hear about the poison oak. I used to get poison ivy on my face when I leaned on the goats as I milked them, eeekkkk! Whenever you have posted on your hike, and I saw it in my inbox, it was like getting a little present. I wish I had hiked the trail when I was younger, and lived on the West Coast. Thank you for taking me along!

  6. This is my favorite PCT blog ever. Everytime I see a “new post” email, my face lights up and I drop whatever and return to your wonderful horrible journey 🙂 Hang in there.

  7. Urushiol is the worst. THE WORST. This is my first comment, by the way, so hi. 🙂 I love your writing. I only found you a couple months ago when going through the GG Trail Ambassadors page looking for new blogs. I’ve gone back to the start of your PCT blogging to read them all, and read many of your older posts too. My internet crush on you is huge. Hyooge. Good luck with the multiple transitions, and I hope the steroids kick in soon.

  8. You’re the greatest. We always look forward to your posts and we wish you well.
    Robert and Jo-Ann
    Big Bear, CA

  9. Carrot! Yours is my favorite PCT blog ever, that’s for sure. And soooo much better than any of the books out there too, not kidding. So best wishes on your nesting and other logistical challenges you face now, and thanks so much for keeping on with the writing. I really look forward to when you turn your blogs into a book! You are a wonderful writer.
    Here’s a question: when I write, it comes out differently depending on who I’m writing to – even for my closest peeps (two daughters, sister, mom, etc.) I have a different “voice” for each. So who do you think of when you blog? It’s so interesting to me that your voice is so rich and soulful and personal even though it’s meant for everyone! Or at least accessible to everyone, perhaps you don’t have “everyone” in mind while you write.
    And here’s another question, though completely okay if you don’t answer… I’d love to read your book on the train hopping but can’t quite find it. Perhaps I haven’t tried hard enough. Hints?

  10. Thank you everyone for your nice nice nice comments!!! They really mean a lot to me.

    Dana- when I write I imagine the “ideal reader”- usually someone I know who loves my writing in a really supportive way that feels inspirational to me. I keep them in mind as my “audience” when I write a post.

  11. Ahhh, Carrot, how we love your posts! My husband and I have NEVER followed a blog until yours. We eagerly ask each other, “Have you seen Carrot’s latest email?” You are a creative and gifted writer, so I pray you’ll find a job that uses your gift. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your soul for this short while. Can’t wait to hear what happens in Washington! (BTW, I caught a raging case of poison ivy once by standing in the smoke of a campfire where they were burning it. This was back in pre-steroid days, so I missed 2 weeks of kindergarten because of it! I feel for ya.)

  12. Don’t know if you get notices about comments this late (It’s March!!!), but I’m still “following” your blog and find it as superbly written as ever. I’m tempted to jump ahead to see where you are but don’t want to lose the flow. I’ve never followed a blog, either, but unless you’re going to come out with more books, this may be the best I can get! Keep writing Carrot Quinn; you’ve a wonderful voice and powers of observation.

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