4 thoughts on “Day 133: Steinpilze

  1. Feeling good… and you’re all looking good too. It’s wonderful to see women who are happy and comfortable living outdoors and cowboy camping. And after how many months and 2200 miles? You’re all a rare and excellent breed.

    I need to find someone experienced to teach me to identify mushrooms, that is a must have skill in Nor Cal and Oregon. I don’t feel confident enough just looking at a book, the stakes can be high.

  2. Oh Burrito… love that guy. I was there when he ate a burrito wider than his shoulders in Big Bear City and earned his big name. His was probably biggest transformation of 2013. Quiet, shy… but once he hooked up with the Stoned Boners, it was all over, and his wild child came out. And his foraging was, how do you say… priceless.

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