3 thoughts on “Day 127: Timberline Lodge Buffet of magic and the foreshadowing of damp cedar forests

  1. I missed you by probably a few hours…A buddy and I did the Timberline Trail and I kept thinking to myself you might be there around then. We ran into a few thru-hikers on our first day from Timberline to Ramona Falls and the second day too before we cut towards Cairn Basin. We tried to follow the PCT as much as we could while doing the Timberline Trail. I might have to try that breakfast at Timberline Lodge sometime! 🙂

  2. Hobbity breakfast. Perfect Jenny. I was thinking of how those silly sterno-heated shiny metal boxes would look to a thru hiker. And your gritty bodies in the corner of a huge dining room scarfing plate after plate. Then the guests arrive in their holiday attire. Reminds me of a business trip to Ireland (Business class! Warm moist towels! Champagne!). I stayed at a luxury hotel across the road from my company’s satelitte location. So many wealthy retirees eating the breakfast in the dining room each morning. Culture shock for me. Your pictures show intimacy with trail beauty that most people will never know firsthand. Who is the better off? I’m damned jealous of your trip but love the pics and stories.

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