4 thoughts on “Day 120: Three Sisters Wilderness of joy and magic

  1. ‘“I think my experience of Catholicism is probably a little different from yours,” I say.’ That made me laugh out loud. Awesome writing as always, Carrot. I hope that your practice is keeping you fulfilled in post-trail life.

  2. May I suggest that you consider using “The Sparkmeister” once in a while. When do you expect to be home in your own bed once more?

      Jim Walsh

  3. Jim: Carrot is already home and in her own bed once more. These posts are being written after-the-fact. Carrot stopped posting just about the time she hit Oregon – as she said, “it’s a choice between me getting to Canada before the storms, or keeping up this blog…” (said she could not do both at the same time) She chose to get to Canada and blog later on. You’re reading the “…blog later on” posts she did not post earlier. Fooled ya, huh?

  4. If I could make a request before you get too much distance from the trail and from you pack. Could you do a final gear review for those of us who will be hiking in 2014? Gear is seriously a big concern pre-hike and after reading your gear list it looks like you dumped some things and/or picked up other things, was just curious what worked, what didn’t work so well, what your observations on gear you wish you had, hadn’t bothered with, used/didn’t use etc.

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