I wrote a poem as a panacea against my post-trail sadness


We’ll never belong to each other the way we do right now
our patagonia in tatters
leg hair bleached from the sun
sitting on the ground licking snickers wrappers
the day distilled to just one sound
one color
one smell
and you, like a rose opening
we agree on these things
-there is nothing to be afraid of and
-nothing is impossible

you fed me stale peanuts when I was starving
you let your hair grow long
you waited for me.

I saw the stars in the desert
I poured sand dunes from my shoes
I walked until all my thoughts were gone and my calves turned to wood
I forgot what it was that I wanted

the remarkable thing was that you were there,
and we were laughing

3 thoughts on “I wrote a poem as a panacea against my post-trail sadness

  1. Carrot,
    Thanks for the great poem and all of the other posts of your PCT experience. As a section hiker and trail angel for the last 7 years and after reading many journals, yours stands out . The poem reflects sentiments that I’ve experienced each year since my involvement with the PCT and all of the people. It’s why I keep wanting to give and know I’m receiving, much more.
    Best Regards,

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