I got myself a post thru-hike present.

My other hand is for the CDT.

My other hand is for the CDT.

In other news, civilization is a confusing labyrinth of murky options and arbitrary-seeming chores, and reintegration has been difficult. Sometimes I feel amazing! And I go on these long runs in Forest Park, longer than I’ve ever run before (twelve miles!) and I pick figs and I’m like, yay life! and sometimes all I can do is curl up in a ball on my bed and mourn the loss of the magical world I lived in for five months and its inhabitants, who I loved. Luckily Instigate has been here in Portland for the past week, staying with me in my tiny trailer, and the combination of cooking good food/epic runs/caffeine/never being alone has kept me from falling into too much of a hole. And then on November first I move to rural Southern Oregon… and then my life will be completely different! Operation Escape From the City. I’m going to get some shit job in an economically depressed town and spend the winter working on my manuscript. And running on rural roads in the sunshine. And it snows in Southern Oregon!

It’s been fun writing all the missing posts from my hike. Have I mentioned that I can’t wait to tell y’all about Washington? Thanks for reading my blog!!


12 thoughts on “I got myself a post thru-hike present.

  1. I hope that all goes well with the move and the writing, and that the dogs can adjust to the new environs OK. Thank you for all of your writings!

  2. Thanks for continuing to share your PCT hike experience. I am particularly interested in your thoughts on “after the trail,” as the transition to post-trail life has been difficult for me after my long hikes. Best wishes to you, and I look forward to reading about the rest of your hike.

  3. I love visiting Southern Oregon, it’s very different then the Willamette Valley. I hope your job won’t be that bad. Another character building experience? I’m so happy to hear you plan on doing the CDT!

  4. Each of your posts is like a bit of decadence for me, a treat I savor. The other night I was drunk and saw a new post and thought, Nope. Can’t read that now, I won’t enjoy it thoroughly. So there. 🙂

  5. I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed reading about your hike, especially your descriptions of what you ate! Looking forward to more of your writing…

  6. Wow. I had a similar let down/struggle after trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc in the Swiss Alps in August for only a few weeks. I can’t imagine how one might feel after an entire season. I also had some shocking runs in the woods shortly thereafter. I hadn’t run in a long time, but while on a woodsy hike, I just stared to run…and run…and run! I didn’t want to stop! I couldn’t believe how good it felt and how much energy I had! I still feel the pull to go off and sleep in the woods. Just hike away into the night and come back whenever.
    I hope your transition to rural life will ease your soul back to planet earth. But only for awhile…until the next adventure. And thanks for sharing in your unique and creative style. My husband and I have enjoyed the simple honesty in your posts.

  7. Hi, Carrot – They begin filming “Wild – From Lost to Found on the PCT,” by Cheryl Strayed, in Ashland this week. Roads are blocked off through town. It stars Reese Witherspoon playing Cheryl. The Plaza, the Breadboard, & the Hostel are among the locations. I’m looking forward to the day when they begin filming “2,660 Miles on the PCT” by Carrot Quinn. Who will play you, I wonder? And will they lay you up with some parasitic crud, eating toads in a hole in a feverish blur, or will they dress it up? Will your star be wandering around Shop n Kart in a daze, picking up power bars for the trail? Write on, girl. Right on. Your future is bright with promise.

  8. Awesome tattoo. Operation Escape From the City: sounds like a good deal. You weave magic with your words, thank you for continuing to share.

  9. I am sure you will work everything out for the best and move on to more gratifying adventures. And I hope you continue to share them with your readers, thanks again!

    I like unfussy small towns like Cottage Grove and Klamath Falls. But Bend is the greatest little off the map awesome sports and microbrewery town, ever. Excellent options for all outdoor sports and the dining and cultural options are equally outstanding. Plenty of sunny days!

    Give those dogs a hug from me…

  10. Have loved reading the journey up until this point, can’t wait to keep reading more. Xmas eve and all I can dream of is the wilderness! Thanks for sharing your journey with us strangers!

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