5 thoughts on “Day 98: The thirteenth crystal skull: A zero in Mt. Shasta

  1. Thank you Carrot, for all of these posts, both past and future, and for having the perseverance and good sense to finish and to get out of the woods before that giant storm hit.

  2. Speaking of trains, and the PCT: one of the earliest PCT thru-hikers is Monte Dodge, who went on to become a train man in CA. So, it’s entirely likely that a young future thru-hiker was riding a train driven by one of the first thru-hikers. Monte has quite an album up at pbase with a lot of pics from that hike, and a bunch of other neat stuff.

  3. I met TeaTime at White Pass. He’d had to spend 36 hours in his bivy during the big snow storm. He was by himself, electronics dead, bored to death. So he was quite chatty by the time he arrived at White Pass. He ended up camping out on the balcony of my room at the inn.

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