4 thoughts on “Day 96: Hot, sweaty climbs and long, leafy descents

  1. It’s strange how your writing while ‘on’ the trail is more present than it is with some distance from it. Not bad, just different.

  2. It’s great to be reading your story again but feels a little disconnected knowing you’ve finished the journey. I am wondering if the book is going to contain all these blog entries connected with some sort of ongoing reverie? I hope you are adjusting back to the home life OK. A body should not have to go without one’s dogs as long as you have, I’m know it’s wonderful to be back with them.

    You are now more intimate with the Sierra Nevada than I, but a note for your book, they are never referred to as The Sierras. It’s either The Sierra or The Sierra Nevada. Sierra is Spanish for mountain range which is already plural. Saying Sierras will upset all the California mountain sports people.


  3. I’d have to disagree a bit with you Bayrider, while it may be proper to call it The Sierra, or The Sierra Nevada, a lot of people DO call them The Sierras. I’ve lived in California all my life, and the Sierras for the last 10 years and everyone I know calls them that. I don’t doubt that we SHOULD be calling them by the correct term, but to say that it will upset all of us if you don’t, isn’t necessarily true.

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