5 thoughts on “Day 90- Drakesbad guest ranch

  1. Wow! Drakesbad has really changed since I went there in 2008. They treated me to hot shower and pool and afterwards since I was the only thru hiker that day, I ate with the guests and was served by the pretty and friendly Russian servers. It was prime rib night and they put two huge slabs of medium rare pieces that hung over my plate along with the sour cream filled baked potato and broccoli. Desert was chocolate mousse. The two couples I ate with had been coming there every year for over 20 years and enjoyed my trail tales. After that meal, I barely made it down the trail to camp for the night.

    I had heard that things had changed a lot since I visited there and your comments confirm that.

  2. Glad you’re back home safe, with the dogs, out of the pouring rain! Thanks for writing — looking forward to reading the whole story!

  3. Hi Carrot! So glad and relieved you are back home in Portland again at last! Wow! What an epic journey you’ve been on! I read about how you are snug in your small trailer covered with your dogs, awaiting the tow-truck driver to tow you onto your next adventure and I’m so jealous! I’m forever going to be stuck in this wheel-chair and this apartment and I miss the trees, the hills, the mountains, the trails, the rain, the sky, the sunsets, the mosquito’s, the trail…all of it! You are my emissary to nature, to outside, to adventure! Write! write! write! So that I may read and escape the metal wheeled boundaries of my existance. Love it love you love love love!


    P.S. when (if?) will you be adding (merging?) the pictures with your blog entries once again? Or are your tremendous photographs to naer again co-mingle with your words about your PCT adventure? Perhaps when the book is published? I eagerly await my copy!

  4. Hopefully Drakesbad will once again become a thru-hikers paradise. When Ed and Billie retired, the not-so-nice caretakers took over on a 2-year contract. Their contract was not renewed and last I heard the position was open. Fingers crossed for Ed & Billie clones as replacements.

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