It’s my birthday!


Hiking fast through the fog and blueberries near Rainier, almost drowned in the rain last night. Headed along the ridgetop to a cabin with a woodstove to dry out my soaked gear. Thirty was one of the best years of my life; thirty-one is going to be fucking AWESOME. Thanks for reading this blog; I’ll tell you the whole story SOON SOON SOON.

18 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!

  1. Congratulations and HOLY BALLS I can’t believe you were out in that weather last night – the heavy rain and non-stop thunder and lightning kept me up half the night (and I was snuggled up in bed with a bunch of pups, not sleeping outside in a tent).

  2. Happy birthday Carrot. Keep on doing great.
    I will take two copies of that book when its time. Say hello to cousin Spark for us.

  3. Hope U take it as a compliment but you look younger than 31. HAPPY B-DAY! I left Tucson AZ about a month ago and was following your blog before that (day I left you were fighting Mosquitos in the High Sierras) and on August 24th crossed Mckenzie Pass (Oregon) hoping to maybe run into you or some of your friends I’m following too and ran into a nice couple (they met on trail) I forget their trail names but her’s is Mackenzie and his was Alex, I gave them a ride into Sisters for a Zero-Day . . . they were doing 30-mile days. She left the Bridge of the Gods on Sept 6th. Here’s her blog:

  4. Happy birthday, Carrot! My daughter Lauren hopes to be on the pct next april for her 30th birthday. You r a real inspiration to her !

  5. Happy birthday to you, Carrot! I have been enjoying your blog, all caught up on your pct journey and reading through your archives. Can’t wait to hear all about the rest of the pct! Such interesting writing, you are so talented. Happy travels to you,

  6. happy birthday! it only gets better!!
    crazy storm last night, i was thinking about all you hikers out stuck in it as i was sitting inside be scared!
    the next week is going to be our normal september weather but dont tell any one how nice it is 🙂
    thanks for the blog i love reading it!

  7. Happy B-day!
    Yes! No question that you’ve had a banner year, the way life should be. Trust me, if you do things right, stay on your roll, life will get more awesome for many many years. I am still stoked at 59. Just gotta keep moving.
    All the best!

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