3 thoughts on “Day 84: Mountain bikers and boring third growth

  1. I’m impressed that Toyo is still making the miles. I’d love for you to do a mini-interview with him. Does he blog?

  2. Finally found carrot’s blog address, which was given to me in Bishop,CA, where the California High School State Rodeo Finals were being held the week of July 14-July 20,2013. Talked with him and his compadres about their trek of the PCT…no idle quest! Also was pleased to find out of his fondness for the railroads and freight travel, i.e.the fresh, carefree air of hobo life. Been quite a while since my travels with Duffy in boxcars and drinking whiteport, tokay, Thunderbird, or some other odd brew. Done a lot of traveling since, with many twists, turns, cutbacks, backtracks, slidebacks, doublebacks, and doubleback flips to get where I’ve landed today. Can’t say if I’m any further, but it’s been quite a ride! Sounds like yours and your friends’ is too! Wishing you all the best, and as Duffy might say, “Don’t take no wooden nickels!” Hasta la Rasta! -Kip aka “Doc”

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