Do you know about Anish?!


I can’t believe I just learned about this a week ago- Anish, a 31 year-old woman who hikes in a sundress, is on track to break the speed record for the PCT! Here’s what I’ve gleaned from her facebook page and other sources-

-Anish started at the Mexican border on June 8th
-She’s had two (three?) mountain lion encounters
-She did all 1700 miles of California in 40 days, averaging 42.5 miles a day
-She did Oregon in 9.5 days
-She reached Washington on day 50
-The current PCT speed record of 65 days, 9 hours, and 58 minutes, is shared by Scott Williamson and Adam Bradley
-Anish is hiking unsupported and is only picking up maildrops/resupplying in towns that she can walk to from the trail

I’m seriously on the edge of my seat about this. I keep stopping on windy ridgetops where I have cellphone reception to check her facebook page. I want her to make it so bad!!

Here’s Jill Homer’s awesome piece on Anish.

6 thoughts on “Do you know about Anish?!

  1. Hey Carrot and fellow readers.

    A quick note. Scott Williamson came back in 2011 and went faster.

    From the fastest known times site:
    “Scott Williamson set the PCT record at 64d11h19m (north to south), August 8 – October 11, 2011”

    I think Anish is going to break that regardless. How cool that women could hold the FKT for both the Appalachian Trail and PCT.

    Trail on.

  2. Ahhhh. The guy has done so many it’s easy to lose track.

    Well maybe Anish will take a quick break, and go for the YoYo record too. Only 181 days as I recall.

    Keep smiling through the woods. Enjoying the heck out of your trip reports. .

  3. She’s amazing. I was looking at hiking section J in WA later this summer and would plan to take five days. She’s probably on that section right now, breezing through it in a day and a half. Crazy. I love it.

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