2 thoughts on “Day 79: more beautiful beauty in the land of amazing magic

  1. Hi Carrot,
    Thought I saw cow parsnip in one of your pictures. It can give you a rash, and can also make you hypersensitive to the sun, so that exposure to sunlight can give you a horrible, long lasting burn. I’ve seen it happen in Ak. Some other members of the carrot family can do the same thing. I have seen horses in Idaho with horribly blistered noses from grazing where some carrot family members were growing. Hope that’s not what is bothering you!
    Happy hiking! Love the blog!

  2. Great writing, keep it up!

    “MeHap and NoDay, though, we might not see until Bridgeport, the tiny mountain town where we’ll resupply in 68 miles.”

    PCT blur setting in? You’ve already been through Bridgeport, maybe you mean Sierra City?

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