I’m sitting in the laundry room of an RV park and it’s 93 degrees

And I’m trying to blog. Later tonight (or tomorrow?) We set out to night-hike a 33 mile waterless section. It’s going to be SO HOT and I need to find more gatorade bottles, but they only have the little ones here?

Sorry I’ve been behind. I’ve been doing 29 mile days! And I’m exhausted! And now it’s hot! But Northern California is beautiful and there are cougars and the nights are perfect!

The posts are gonna come slow and I’ll still be behind for a while but in a few weeks I’ll be in Ashland for a few days, and my goal is to catch ALL THE WAY UP then, and then I’ll stay caught up for the rest of the hike. In the meantime, thanks for reading, even if I’m behind. Just know that I’m rushing, rushing, rushing, through the woods towards Ashland, hiking from the moment I wake up until dusk, when I collapse into my sleeping bag. So many more posts, soon!

And thanks for all your nice comments!


SO HOT in this laundry room.

2 thoughts on “I’m sitting in the laundry room of an RV park and it’s 93 degrees

  1. You’re doing such a great job and you look great – not too skinny! Always fun to hear your latest post but remember to make this YOUR hike not ours. Thanks for the update!

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