3 thoughts on “Day 49: Up, up, up

  1. We love your writings and look forward to every post. Bought and read both of your books on Kindle and liked them too. A gallon bag of Fritos sounds great.
    Robert and Jo-Ann
    Big Bear CA

  2. Snickers is the panacea for all ailments.  You must adhere to a strict regimen of Snickers self-medication!    So, where are the dirty pictures of you?      Thank you for your thoughtful and inspirational writings.  My day is ever so more beautiful when my email tells me you have posted!    Dirty Girl


  3. Altitude is something of a metaphor for life: I love the mountains, at least in the summer. Love the flowers, the waterfalls, even the barren peaks. But I have to move like I’m on top of Everest, even at 10,000 feet. A small price, though, when you think about it.

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