7 thoughts on “Day 26: The intergalactic space station of cheese burgers

  1. When you’re in the belly of the beast and crazed for caloric reload the normal rules are null and void. Even corn syrup cannot stop you now!

  2. “I live here, I think. In the nature. I walk on the nature and eat on the nature and sleep on the nature.”….And, type a blog into a gadget beaming this post out into space for people to read on their iphones while they eat at Mc d’s! Just kidding! I like your blog and your take on heading north this spring. Keep on rolling dude.

  3. read you every day. youre always entertaining ; sometimes more — like inspiring and profound. While emeshed in civilization I somehow still, because of these posts, feel one step out of it. I was groaning as u described McD thinking ‘doesnt she know how sick shes going to feel?’ luckily it only lasted two hours!

  4. I seem to have at least two relationships with your blog: reading for pleasure is just that (love the fabulous images) and reading about your trail experience. Smart hikers load up on calories and hungry hikers have a hard time eating the right stuff. Keep up the effort and thanks for sharing your writing!

  5. Carrot I have been reading your blog for years, I absolutely love your words and your stories and your poetry and your wisdom. I NEVER comment on the Internet but I am just experiencing great big feelings of respect and gratitude and awe for who you are and what you’re doing and I just had to reach out and let you know how wonderful I think you are and how much I admire you. Now I feel very shy and a bit daft but somehow living my ordinary city life in the other side of the world from you, I find great comfort in this wonderful adventure you are having and sharing with us all. I send you loads of good energy everyday! What an inspiration you are! Much love, Tam

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