4 thoughts on “Day 20- our first swim!

  1. is that all i have to do to find happiness? hike 200 miles in 20 days? what a relief. ive been searching all my life for that answer. glad you’re happy and the pain is yielding to some joy…

  2. OMG! I was just over on Amazon.com and looking at your first(?) book and reading that absolutely HORRID review that woman wrote about it; she went on and on in the most derogatory way! I got curious reading her diatribe and so I googled you to see if there was more, and I found this blog, and you(!) here. wowowowowow! How great is that! Don’t you pay her any mind, Carrot. In all that nasty writing I don’t think she had any thing meaningful to say. Keep on with your writing and of course keep on with your hiking. Sticks and Stones, etc. (if I may be pardoned a trite cliche’)

    Can’t wait to read more from the illustrious C. Quinn! (and look at those great trail pictures)

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