4 thoughts on “Day 19: Crossing the windy valley of the dark lord and the San Gorgonio Wilderness of Beauty

  1. I can sense a bit of a change in your writings….that maybe you are becoming tougher and stronger and more one with the trail, which is such a great thing (even if you don’t see it, I really do think this is happening). I also think it’s really kind of fabulous that you’ve found these other kindred spirits and formed a team of sorts. If I were able to embark on such an adventure, I’d definitely want to have someone with your wit on my team! Thank you for writing this all down for those of us who have to live vicariously.

  2. I remember the overpass and the big oak tree! I slept in the same place. I got to the overpass alone mid-morning on a Tuesday, discovered the beer, and had guzzled two before I thought about what I was doing. I remember thinking “when else in life can you sit alone on a filthy mattress under a highway overpass at 10:30 in the morning on a Tuesday with a beer buzz and have it be totally legit?” It’s one of my favorite memories from the desert.

  3. hey,

    these are such lovely writings, thank you for making the effort to write everyday. I remember how tough it was to keep a daily diary when I was doing a long distance walk and you’re writing a gorgeous, illuminating blog. What an inspiration!

    Following your journey is wonderful and it’s helping me to see a different side of America.

    By the way, the Kickstarter donation I made was only for US residents – I hope it’s ok to send me a postcard to the UK. When you see an address with Uwchygarreg in it (and a UK zipcode), you’ll know it’s not for the US, right??

  4. LOL – A hiker battles for her small patch of land. The relentless enemy resorts to chemical warfare. Tired and weary, both sides resign and and reluctantly join one another in sleep.

    If I could only remember one thing from your journey it would be this: “Goodnight ants.”

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