9 thoughts on “Day 5: Fish tacos and the wheel of life

  1. Don’t know if this will help but when my shoes have been too big, I’ve doubled up socks. Maybe tripled. Good luck.

  2. Uhm…for a second opinion on your ankle you could always google “tendonitis”…(just in case those endorphin thingys haven’t heard what they are supposed to do)

  3. While you’re at the ADZPCTKO, ask around for Rocketgirl, if she’s there. I bet she has a lot of extremely useful advice to share. Re: rattlesnakes…several years ago there was a hiker who was saved by her cellphone after she hiked into an annual spring gathering of rattlesnakes and found herself trapped on top of a boulder surrounded by a few dozen snakes. She was lifted off by helicopter. On that long climb out of Weldon into the mountains (the PCT used to go through Weldon in the 70’s) i got a little too involved in trying to get a closeup pic of a rattler and suddenly realized that it was ~right~ in front of my camera, like 2 feet away. Quite a good pic it is though 🙂 There is one old-fashioned help for tendonitis that has helped some: it’s a faux-sheepskin heelcup that fits in the back of your shoe and lessens the friction against your heel. Best wishes for fast healing!

  4. I second the suggestions for hiking poles and double socks. And read Bill Bryson’s book (even just the opening) about Australia. It will put you at ease about the only “slightly” dangerous critters you’ll encounter in the US. Actually, most of the time they hear you coming and get out of the way. Most of the time.

  5. Hi I’m Olenka, a friend of the Thyra Ben and Angela crew. They advised me to check out your blog and I did and it is fantastic/hilarious! Looking forward to following along, and good luck with your injuries!

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