6 thoughts on “Day three: Tendonitis of doom

  1. Safe, safe, safe … Happy you caught up with Thyra, Ben, & Angela. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation?
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the morning and hope the pains G O N E … and you wake up 😉 LOL

  2. You will soon be awesome tough, but meanwhile don’t be afraid to do some ibuprofen, nothing lubricates the joints and reduces swelling and inflammation better. Take two with breakfast before starting and it will most likely prevent that kind of inflamed tendonitis. With severe pain or stiffness at end of day take 3 with dinner and it will likely be alleviated completely overnight. It will easily double or triple recovery time from inflammation, kills the pain and allows the muscles to relax. I have used it with great success for many years in extreme sports, that’s why us old guys are known as Team Advil.

    I am stoked for you and look forward to your very entertaining posts! Be well…

  3. your blogs are pretty funny, Carrot. Sorry it comes via pain to you. When I read them I think of old Abbott and Costello movies, but I don’t think they ever did one about camping. Me reading every day about you walking every day. Guess I’ve got it easier!! Carry on! And say hi to Bigfoot if you see or smell ’em!

  4. fuck I thought I was the only sorry person who was terrified of being a single female camper at a car campground yikes yay I am not!

  5. How are you and your feet? Taking painkillers is good… it can give you temporary relief, but it is still advisable to have it check. My tendonitis got worst coz I ignored it for several months. I had to undergo different therapies since my physical therapist failed to give me relief. I had stem cell treatment with Dr Grossman for 7 weeks and it was good… I went back to running 5 months after…

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