Preparing for the PCT: video update! my tiny backpacking kitchen in action

I got my popcan stove in the mail today! Here I show you my tiny backpacking kitchen in action. And there are only four days left on my kickstarter campaign! It’s 50% funded right now, If this thing isn’t funded by April 2nd the project won’t happen. The book is going to be many things- sweeping, epic, exhibitionist, strange. But it will not be boring. Please share this kickstarter far and wide, and help me reach my goal!

3 thoughts on “Preparing for the PCT: video update! my tiny backpacking kitchen in action

  1. hey,

    I just wanted to tell you that I wasn’t going to fund you because I have no money. I mean, really very little money.
    But then I was reading your amazing posts about equipment and stuff and finding them really useful becaue I’m doing a long walk next year around my own country. And I realised that I also really want you to do this. So hey, I funded you….but it’s for the thing that only ships in the US and I’m in the UK, so email me or something and tell me if I should send more money.

  2. Haveyouseen-
    I’m so glad you find my info useful! It’s kind of really fun to share. And thank you so much for the support. No need to send more money for shipping. And I’ll be contacting backers at the end of the year (for the book) to get their most current shipping info and contact backers right before I leave for the trail to get addresses for letters/postcards, because kickstarter shipping info is confusing.
    That’s awesome that you’re gonna do a long walk in the UK!

  3. yeah, I want to go all around the border of Wales and then follow the length of a few rivers too. Everytime I come to the mouth of a big river I’ll hitch to the source and then walk down it and continue around the coast. I’ve got 8 months to do it all.

    So I’ll be following your story with much interest….and I love the details of all the trail food!
    Good luck, I hope the funding makes it.

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