The final version of my kickstarter project is now live!

Hey guess what everyone! The original version of my kickstarter campaign was doomed to fail because I was a fool who didn’t understand kickstarter, but now I am much smarter and the final version of my campaign, Carrot Quinn Walks from Mexico to Canada, is AWESOME. That’s because in this campaign you can buy copies of the PCT book I’m going to make at way below retail. The paper copy is eight dollars, which is how much is costs me to produce the thing, and the e-book is only a buck. This GREAT DEAL is to trick you into buying lots of copies for everyone that you know so that I can WALK 2600 MILES, which I really, really, REALLY want to do.

And! If the campaign doesn’t get funded in its entirety by April 2nd I won’t get any of the money, and there will be no PCT hike for me, and no book.

You’re awesome! I want to walk until my shoes wear off of my feet and blog about it for you! Please share this link with all of your friends, and people you know who have money, and people you know who like to read about epic overland journeys, and people who like the anticipation of buying a really cheap book six months in advance.

And we’re off to the races!

One thought on “The final version of my kickstarter project is now live!

  1. Milady Quinn: for starters, how about starting off this saga by telling us what you’ve learned about KickStart, the in’s-and-outs, the why’s and wherefore’s, why you feel you failed with your project the first time around; don’t hold back, let us in, share the secret(s) and the knowledge you’ve acquired. Don’t look now but your journey already started. Take us with you. c’mon…

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