I’m in my craigslist ride headed to seattle

And this is an experiment- blogging from my phone! On the PCT I’ll be doing this every day, typing words slow on the tiny keyboard on the tiny screen, my fingers cold, condensation on the keys, in the dark. In my tent with the nature all around me, stretching on and on forever. And typos!

I don’t know what kind of phone to get. I want a physical keyboard but Androids are buggy, in my experience, and iphones only have touch keyboards. Do blackberries still exist? Are those goods phones? Have you ever had one? I need advice.

Really I just want a tiny machine that writes, and connects to my blog. Maybe email. It wouldn’t have to even be a phone, not really.

Also I’m on twitter now, if you’re into that kind of thing. I post really wierd shit. @carrotquinn

3 thoughts on “I’m in my craigslist ride headed to seattle

  1. No, you really do need a smartphone to connect to the blog/Internet. Blackberry is the ideal because it’s far easier to write extended text with a real keyboard with fixed-action buttons. But the biggest problem – Blackberry is damned expensive. Another problem specifically related to the USA – cops tend to think a woman with a Blackberry as potential sex workers – or so I understand but I could be wrong. So your choice is left with the iPhoids and Androids, which are just as expensive. There’s just no winning, is there? Hope this helps.

  2. Go for a low end android phone. I recently moved from an fantastic dumb phone to an all-touchscreen smartphone, and Swype makes it all better. I loved having the physical keys to press, and loathed fighting with the virtual keyboards of iphones, but Swype is like touchscreen cursive. You can easily write blog posts and other long form things. Not all android phones will come with it, but as far as I know it’s currently android only software.

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