the enchanted valley and things that do not happen


You may have read an early draft of this story, about the Duckabush Arson of last year, from a link on a hiking website. This early draft has been posted without my permission, and actually violates my publishing agreement with Amazon, and can get me in a lot of trouble. If you’re the one who posted this link, please take it down. And if you’d like to read the final, full-length version of the story in its entirety, you can find it here-

Duckabush Fire

And thanks for reading!

13 thoughts on “the enchanted valley and things that do not happen

  1. The fire reminds me of Parable of the Sower, the teens on drugs who set fire to things because it makes them feel like sex. Sometimes they set fire to each other, too, or just go into the fire because it feels so good and burn alive.

  2. Joe- you have a photo of the burnt cars? What luck! We couldn’t take one because our phones were burned in the car. Can I download a copy of it? Also, I looked at your blog and your photos are beautiful! How did you find this blog?

  3. This gaggle of words is a living deity, a savior. As I ambled along behind you in the snow, I found myself invigorated and downright *lusty*; for the valley, for the thick light, for you. My face has been dusted with little bits of your magic crystal, flaked off from inside your pocket. If the price exacted for this bit of beauty to materialize from your brain and fingertips was a burned car and a late night with a Saint, then the world is surely just. Please, please, never stop writing. Please.

  4. My car was the car all the way on the left and I was there for the investigation I have a few photos if you want them. I am amazed I found your recount of the story.

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