“I am a frayed and nibbled survivor in a fallen world, and I am getting along. I am aging and eaten and have done my share of eating too. I am not washed and beautiful, in control of a shining world in which everything fits, but instead am wandering awed about on a splintered wreck I’ve come to care for, whose gnawed trees breathe a delicate air, whose bloodied and scarred creatures are my dearest companions, and whose beauty beats and shines not in its imperfections but overwhelmingly in spite of them, under the wind-rent clouds, upstream and down. Simon Weil says simply, “Let us love the country of here below. It is real; it offers resistance to love.””

-Annie Dillard, from Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Readers! I imagine you have almost all gone by now. I am working full time until september, I do not have time to write. It is kitchen work, which suits me. I chop alot of things. It’s in the woods. There is solitude, for better or worse. Summer has been slow coming, and that frustrates me. I’m afraid I’ll miss everything. I make minimum wage. I read stacks of books. I walk in the woods alot. Life does not seem hard or easy. This season is not for asking questions- it is for trading labor for capital, and for acceptance. I accept that I do not have time to write. I accept that capitalism exists. I accept it all. I accept I accept I accept.

7 thoughts on “comfort

  1. Carrot! I have missed you so, and worried terribly, terribly to where I did not want to email your paypal account. Thank you for checking in and know you are missed.

  2. Not gone, not at all. Just waiting in the ether for your next installment. Do your work, but don’t forget your experiences at the writing retreat. Take care, work hard, build your capital, and write when you’re ready. I’ll be here and I’m certain others will too.

  3. I am still here, and have missed your writing…and yet totally understand your need to work and hence not have energy or time for writing right now.

    I know this is not an end all with your writing, and when you are able to share again, we will be here embracing your stories and wisdom through your writing.

    Enjoy your time, and do what you need to do for yourself. We will be here when you return 🙂


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