why I’ve barely been posting

Readers! I’ve barely been posting here. It’s not because I haven’t been writing- I’m working so hard on my other writing project, it uses up all of my writing energy, and then I don’t ever think to blog! Life is steady and I am Taking Care Of Business, and I am having lots of thoughts and feelings etc., I am just not making them into nice writingz to post here, instead I am diverting them into this massive project that feels sort of beyond me, like I am too small for it, and maybe I will make a fool of myself? But that’s ok because I am young, and so history will forgive me, and then in my fifties I will actually write the thing that I am meaning to write.

I’m back in Portland and it’s rainy! Rain rain rain! This is the hardest part of the whole rainy season. This is the time of year when everyone realizes that the first reliably sunny day of the year is the FIFTH OF JULY. And the people are floundering around, having a hard time about it. I get to go to the woods for a while this month and that will be nice. In the woods the rain falls on moss and the air smells wonderful and the ecology makes sense. In the city the rain does not make sense. The city is a rock desert cluttered with dead trees chopped up into boards. There are humans there, it is their job to keep the dead trees from decomposing. The rain is confused- it beats harder and harder- why won’t these dead trees decompose? If they would just decompose, the moss and stuff could return, and then new trees could grow, and everything would be proper again! But it’s all for naught because the humans want to live in the dead trees, even though the old boards get moldy and musty and the rain just runs into the sewers. What a world we live in!

The woods! I do like the woods. I like to put my palms against old cedar trees and ask them really tough questions, like what is 6,435 x 11,957. They just say profound things, like the answer is infinity. Maybe this time I’ll ask them how to do character development for my book, and what the point of the story is. Because I don’t know!

In these days of sporadic posting, dear reader, it might behoove you to subscribe to this blog via email. See the upper right-hand corner of the page! Then you won’t have to check back and be disappointed, forever and ever.

And I do thank you for your steadfast readership! It means alot to me to be able to put my writing out here for anyone to see, and have people like it. A whole lot!

4 thoughts on “why I’ve barely been posting

  1. I’m glad we will still get to hear from you from time to time! Finding a new post from you is always a treat. Good luck on your projects !

  2. Carrot, it has been quite some time since I have read your posts. I missed them.

    I too am under the thumb of capitalism. I have sold my soul.

    So tonite, or actually this morning, I was in need of something, and I thought of you. The first link I had was dead. Then I googled you.

    Did you know you are high on the list of “carrot(s)” in google? Like #3 or 4. No kidding.

    I see I have much catching up to do, but I am grateful for what you write. It provides a nice escape, and a fresh perspective. I really missed reading you!

    I rolled through PDX (2 ways) this weekend, on a (too short) trip to EUG to see my kids & grandkids. The young ones are so precious!

    Well take care my friend. I hope this summer finds you in good health, spirits and company!

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