someone has done something very nice

This website has made an audio MP3 of one of my stories, Madge & Pansy, which is available in print here.

This is part one of the MP3

This is part two of the MP3

I am very grateful for this. It is making me feel like less of a loser right here this moment in the snowy northeast, in this town that is beautiful and foreign and overwhelming and people have no yards and just now, there are new year’s fireworks. I hate new year’s. I hate fireworks. I like being alive and magic and wanting nothing. Not even a future. Not even tomorrow! I have no expectations! I want to live in a land beyond ambition. I want to step through a portal into the land beyond ambition. From whence I have come! But have I left it? And where is there to go? I do not know.

3 thoughts on “someone has done something very nice

  1. and this is awesome. didn’t have time to check it out til now. i have a friend with a cool indy press and maybe you would be interested in submitting something for it?

  2. davka- the big question, right? I have no idea where you should go. The Arctic! The deep south! North Dakota! None of these places! Good luck! And yes, tell me about your friend’s press.

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