I will be live on the (internet) radio on saturday!

Burn the date into your memory! This saturday at 6 pm (Alaska time- which is 7 pm pacific time, 10 pm eastern, etc.), hear my lovely (sort of) voice come out of your computer! Along with Tara, of hobostripper fame! We’ll be telling stories of low-cost high adventure on Whole Wheat Radio. So gather your blankey and form a semi-circle on the floor, dear readers- it’s storytime!


3 thoughts on “I will be live on the (internet) radio on saturday!

  1. glad you got over that “blog enlightenment” existential crisis trip you were on.

    can haz an ego and human need for culture- don’t it feel good to get that anonymous recognition- breaks the boredom of staring out of windows.

    you go girl. *snap*

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