Gosh, shucks!

Holy Moley! My blog got an incredibly nice review in the Feminist Review! I don’t know what to say! Their website is wonderful! You should check it out! Feminisim rules, and feminist review of media rules extra hard! There are so many nice words in that review it kind of hurts my brain. The reviewer, Matsya Siosal, even liked the parts of my blog where I just rant about writing! All I can say is, go check out their site! They review all sorts of stuff, in a feminist manner, and that is so totally awesome!

4 thoughts on “Gosh, shucks!

  1. That review is right on! She cited many of the reasons why I check your blog nearly everyday! You’re brave, girl, and honest and eloquent. I especially like your book reviews and recently have requested some of Mary Oliver’s poetry from my local library! With a background in post-colonial theory, the way your reflect on colonialism is especially poignant to me!

  2. Hi Carrot-
    I thank you for your blog. I just got back to dreary Olympia from a trip to Portland and I wanted to see if you had a new post. The Emo bent is working – your perspective is genuine and inspiring. I also got The Bandit Queen from the library… Keep it all up, you are an awesome writer.

    Matsya Siosal

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