Bike Trip, Questions That Have No Answers

Yesterday Sam and I biked 50 miles to another town where some friends live. The weather, incredibly, has been 80 degrees and sunny everyday, and tomorrow it’s going to be 85. The ride was hot but I enjoyed the rolling NC countryside in these parts, a sort of windows desktop stocked with ponies, edged in unkempt woods. I want to live in a patch of unkempt woods. I want to build a treehouse there. How do I do this, and keep all the world’s children from finding me?

We got to our friend’s place around five and made the biggest cast-iron skillet of food, coconut milk and tempeh and veggies and rice and lentils, with coconut icecream for dessert. Pretty much a classic. The neighbors were grilling Elotes and passed us a few, ears of corn roasted in the husk and smothered in mayonnaise, chili and lime. After dinner we hit up the hot tub in a nearby apartment complex, pretending we lived there and jumping back and forth between pool and hot tub depending on how we were feeling. A woman rode the elliptical trainer in a gym next door, separated from the pool by a wall of glass. She missed our crazy hijinks, she was watching the presidential debate on a TV that hung from the wall.

I’ve been thinking alot about where I belong, about what to write about, about where to go. At this point, all that matters to me is my writing, even to the point of being somewhat irritating to my friends, or at the very least, a little dull. You guys are gonna go tear up the town- that’s cool, I’m gonna write for a while… And I’ve been wondering what I should write about- I can go anywhere, pretty much, (weather permitting) and I can write about anything, at least for a little while. And also- I can’t decide if I should stay on the eastern half of the country for longer or if I should go back to the pacific northwest, which I miss, but which is now decidedly cold and damp. Also, I think maybe I’m having a bit of an existentialist crisis about this whole ‘blog’ thing- as opposed to my previous ‘Fuck the World’ attitude. I mean, people read it and like it, but sometimes it feels creepy and weird. And by just saying the words ‘creepy and weird‘ on my blog, am I inviting more creepy weirdness to manifest itself? I’d like to hear from fellow bloggers on how they deal with this problem.

Tomorrow we’re biking back home, where there are acorns to gather and drums to play. Life, right now, is good.

8 thoughts on “Bike Trip, Questions That Have No Answers

  1. please don’t take the blog away! i love the blog. I’m not a blogger, so I’m afraid I can’t help with the weird and creepy problem, but I hope you find a solution…

  2. as a fellow blogger, i understand your concerns, but have you been getting “creepy and weird” emails? or is it just a general feeling? as for me, i like not having any pictures of my face on the blog, and i try not to give too many clues to my exact location until i’ve already left. this helps me feel reasonably safe from any real life stalking. as for online stalkers, i guess i don’t really care about them. try a little more anonymity, that might help.
    if you do want to publish your work, then the blog jumping off point.

  3. I think you should creep and weird it up with reckless abandon. I usually write shit that I find to be excessively personal and un-publishable. Then I take a deep breath and hit publish anyway. Fuck it. Even if you give your full name and include hi-res face pics, it’s all pretty anonymous in the big scope of things.

    This is a bizarre format of wide open diaries. Let’s just embrace that for what it’s worth. Put it all out there for whatever possible benefit it could produce.

    I’m not sure how creepy or weird this specific blog is. This is a pep talk designed to encourage you to keep telling stories.

  4. Chris-

    Dude, your comment is fucking amazing. That is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Pretty much the way I feel deep down, and thanks for re-affirming it. Hurrah!

  5. I love reading your blog. You are very open and honest and have an amazing knack of transporting your reader to the places you go and to the people you encounter. I’m always reassured when you write something new that you are still there. I’m glad you are in a good place now.

  6. This is a new sort of frontier.

    Blogging is the stuff that most either love or hate. But it is most definately the wave of the future.

    May it be video, audio, or just the written word. The world is now moving at the speed of light.

    And besides, who gives a shit anyhow? Just let it all hang out. That is reality. These are your own personal words and experiences. Don’t conform to some silly assed moral code.

    Delete the comments and contacts that go against what you believe in. The haters, the sexists, and trouble makers.

    Be Carrot Quinn..


  7. Hi Carrot. I agree with Chris and on that note – you’ve been tagged. Creepy and weird maybe but pop over to mine to find out more. QRx

  8. trust me I’ve had some serious problems with online lurkers on my blog. I try to be as open and honest as possible, to a fault really. But the one thing I don’t do is let anonymous people post comments cause that’s just asking for trouble.I don’t mind getting weird comments but once they see them published it only encourages them further.

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