What Happened To My Comment?

I delete comments liberally, and whenever I feel like it. Doing this makes my blog a safe space for shameless exhibitionism, because I have complete control over it. And shameless exhibitionism is good for the planet.

If your comment disappeared, it might have been for one of these reasons:

-You’re a troll (what troll? I didn’t see a troll!)

-You’ve posted an inflammatory comment aimed at other readers, but are a nice person otherwise

-You’re a real life actual three-dimensional friend on good ol’ fashioned planet earth, but oops! You posted a comment revealing something personal about me that I’m not comfortable having on my blog (where I sleep at night, library card number, etc.)

-You critique my writing style (I hate that)

-Your comment makes me vaguely uncomfortable for some other, unexplainable reason (please don’t take it personally)

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