Western Medicine: 0 Plantain: 1 million

It Healed! My spider bite is better! I only did four poultices, even. After the very first one, the bite cooled down a bit and stopped spreading, and now it’s just a faint red circle. Hoooray!

Now I just have to deal with my Giardia-type stomach bug, whatever it is. I should have the test results back in a week. I’m so curious! It sure does make me feel like shit! I thought the bug was from drinking water while hiking, even though my hiking partner didn’t get sick- but then a friend wrote and said that everyone out at the place in the woods I was working has been getting sick- so it might have even been something in the water there, which comes from a creek.

Thanks for all your comments, friends! And thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Western Medicine: 0 Plantain: 1 million

  1. uggh, giardia is so crappy. i had it once when i was a teenager but the doctors scared me big time and i ended up taking the regular western medicine. i’ve never used herbal healing for parasites, but i’ve heard other people say that they had luck with either lots of raw garlic or with wormwood.

  2. Giardia blows. My doctor who has done herbal healing for years now says antibiotics are the best and only way to get rid of the parasites. Herbs will get rid of them for a bit but they keep coming back. No matter what happens, best of luck!

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