Carrot’s Gluten-Free Buckwheat Yogurt Muffins

So, yesterday I made a batch of these muffins, here in Portland where I’m staying with some friends, and I realized that they really
are my very favorite gluten-free muffins. They’re so super-most and not overly sweet, and also really nutritious, so they make you feel like you’ve actually eaten food, not just some baked-good crack. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, get this- the first thing you do is mix the flour and yogurt together and then let the dough sit overnight, so the yogurt gets a chance to break down the phytic acid in the grain, making the grain super-digestible and the nutrients really bio-available, ala the way people have processed and eaten grain for thousands of years- by fermenting and soaking. The complete opposite of the way we eat grain in this chronic-disease ridden, nutrient deficient, can’t-digest-our-food western culture.

Here’s the recipe, and remember that the secret to successful gluten-free quickbreads (or any quickbreads for that matter) is don’t over mix. Mix the ingredients just enough to blend everything together, and then stop! Also, don’t open the oven door in the first 10 minutes of baking, or the muffins might fall.

Carrot’s Gluten-Free Buckwheat Yogurt Muffins

makes one dozen

1 1/2 cups buckwheat flour
1 1/2 cups amaranth flour (or millet, which is cheaper)
2 cups yogurt (you can also use buttermilk or kefir, or if you don’t do dairy, you can apparently use 2 cups water plus 2 tablespoons lemon juice or vinegar- although I haven’t actually tried this)

2 eggs, beaten
1 tsp sea salt
1/4 cup maple syrup or honey
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 tblsp melted butter

Mix flour and yogurt and let the dough sit for 12-24 hours. Muffins will rise better the longer the dough sits, but overnight is fine.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees, grease muffin tin.

In a separate bowl, beat eggs, and blend the other ingredients into the eggs. Add the baking soda last, blending well.

Add the egg-mixture to the flour-mixture, and blend together. Mix just enough to blend the ingredients, and then stop! Do not over-mix!

Spoon into muffin tins, bake until a fork or toothpick comes out clean.


4 thoughts on “Carrot’s Gluten-Free Buckwheat Yogurt Muffins

  1. I can’t wait to try your muffins! I’m so glad I can read your blog again, I was bummed when I wasn’t able to access it. You are a wonderful writer, and good baker too.

  2. Just came across your blog looking for gluten-free muffin recipes, but I found so much more than muffins to be happy about! Can’t wait to read more, and to try out your muffin recipe. I can’t eat eggs, so I’ll be working a little egg-free magic on it, I’ll let you know the results. And your salve sounds swell, by the way.

  3. I tried these muffins out and I love them, thanks for sharing the recipe! I made a lot of changes to fit my own dietary needs, and they are still totally great. I used agave nectar instead of honey, goat yogurt instead of cow, and olive oil instead of butter. Instead of 2 eggs, I used the chia seed egg replacement trick (for each egg to replace, boil 1 T ground chia:3 T water for 1-2 minutes). I’ve been playing with soaking flours and making sourdough and stuff, so I totally dig the yogurt soaking thing. I ended up only making 9 muffins, then took the rest of the batter and messed around with it to make chocolate coconut cookie dough…the cookies are pretty great too! Love your blog, thanks for sharing your experiences.

  4. Your writing is beautiful. It makes me sad because you sound angry and unsettled. However, you also sound brave and tough which I admire. I too came looking for amaranth and agave muffins and found Madge, Greta Garbo, and the ubiquitous lodge.

    I will come back to see how you are doing. MB

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