I skinned a squirrel, and I liked it

Speaking of fish, let’s talk about squirrels for a minute.-----warning-----this story is pretty gross---------------------------------I found the squirrel a block away from the house. Lying in the sun, dead.“A squirrel!” I said, leaning over my bike to look at it. “Maybe even fresh!” The squirrel looked recent, almost lively. Kimber pulled her bike around to look … Continue reading I skinned a squirrel, and I liked it


Yesterday was hot. Nearly ninety degrees. After sunset the air cooled a little, and we rallied at a patch of grass to play Fugitive.I had never played Fugitive before. I was, however, excited. A few friends came wearing running shoes and short-shorts, for sprinting. Others had layers for disguising- an extra hat or a different … Continue reading Fugitive