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People sometimes email me, asking how they can support my writing. There are two ways to do this. One way is to pledge to my blog via patreon; if you pledge one dollar, for example, I’ll get that amount each time I publish a blog post. This is a great way to both support my burger fund in town and subtly pressure me into writing more.

Pledge via Patreon

Or you can throw down the old-fashioned way, and straight up buy me a burger while I’m on the trail. Clicking the burger below will spirit you away to paypal!

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7 thoughts on “Support my writing

  1. I know you finished the trail again yesterday, but I’m sure you still need burger money. I just finished binge-reading your 2013 journal and loved it. Please publish that book(s). I’ll buy every one. Promise. Now to start reading 2014 backwards (loved that you linked 2013 in order! …can’t wait for 2014 to be ordered to start reading.)

  2. During a day hike with my son near Sierra City last weekend ( a short 2 hr drive from home), I explained to him what little I knew of the PCT, and thru hiking (we bumped into 3 southbound). In search of more information for him, I ended up at the PCTA office a mile from the cell I work in. I picked up a few issues of the Communicator for him to read. I found the link to your blog in your article and clicked on your days around Sierra City. Two comments: I now must return, as we missed the burgers (at 6’2 and 19 he will inhale it); I busted up at the mental image of all of the day hikers undoubtedly headed to the Sierra Buttes fire lookout tower as we did. I look forward to reading more of you blog entries as time permits.

  3. Hi Carrot,
    Just finished reading your book via Kindle! Love your writing style. Ordered the book also so I will have a physical copy.
    I was just reading your 2014 PCT gear review. I read that you would like to try out the Zpacks Solplex. I have one that I would lend you if you cannot find one to buy. I would be able to say my tent was carried on the CDT!
    Let me know,

    • Thank you for the indredibly generous offer! It would not feel right, however, to carry another person’s cuben fiber tent- cuben fiber being what it is and the good chance that the CDT would sort of destroy it. But thank you again for the offer! And also for the kind words about my book.

  4. Hi Carrot,
    I understand your reluctance not to want to use my tent. I know that the tent might get damaged but my offer stands if you change your mind. Think of my offer as being trail magic off the trail!

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