Arizona trail day 40: patagonia


Zero miles

I eat eggs and sausage and gluten free zuchinni bread for breakfast, chicken tacos for lunch. I wash my tiny pile of filthy, salt stained clothes and when I put them back on they stink of tide pods. I pet a small black lab and a couple of goats.

It’s Shade’s last day on trail! Laura drives, him, me and Alan to Tucson in her rental car, where we all dance to Pepas by Farruko in the sunset light outside the rental car agency while Alan gets another car- since his back is still tweaked he’s gonna slack pack me the last two days of the trail, as well as whatever other hikers we can find. Then Shade and Laura head north to phoenix- Shade flies out this evening, and Laura flies back to Canada in a week. I’m sad to say goodbye to both of them! I know I’ll see Shade- I mean Matthew- back in Alaska soon, and I hope I get to see Laura again before long. I’m gonna miss them both!

Alan and I stop by my storage unit for a few things and then hit up sprouts for a feast to have in camp tomorrow. Then it’s the dark lonely highway back to Patagonia, where a bed is calling to me.

We reached our goal on this fundraiser!! Thanks to everyone, so much!!! 😭😵😭