So close to our goal!!

Trans Queer Pueblo, the small org based out of Southern Arizona that I’ve been using my Arizona Trail blogs and tiktoks to raise money for, is so close to reaching their fundraising goal! Just $948 away from $15,000! 🌞 I’m so freakin grateful to everyone who’s donated so far!! Trans Queer Pueblo is an all-volunteer org that provides direct support to trans and queer asylum seekers- I know people who’ve worked with this org for years- they’re super legit, and you can be confident that your money goes directly to queer and trans people navigating immigration detention. For every $150 donated I’ll post another daily blog and tiktok from the AZT- the trail gets pretty exciting right at the end, including me making some terrible choices and having to literally run from hypothermia. I can’t wait for you to read all about it, and thanks so much for supporting this wonderful org!

Here is the fundraiser!

Here is my tiktok