Arizona trail day 12: indoor storm


Zero miles

I sleep on a foam pad on the ground next to some glass french doors in the upstairs of Drew’s house; around midnight I wake suddenly because the doors have blown open, rain is being thrown in on the wind and lightning is cracking, the storm feels as though it is right on top of me. I muscle the doors closed but the wind flings them open again, I end up pushing a stool against the doors and my foam pad against that- as long as I’m in bed my body weight will hold the doors closed. I lay down and listen to the glass rattle, watch the flashes of light illuminate the room. I feel like I’m suspended within the storm. I can’t sleep so I open my phone and edit blogs for two hours, until the storm has quieted. Storms in the desert are like that- they come fast, and the go just as quick.

“Did it rain last night?” Matthew asks me in the morning, from his sleeping pad at the other end of the room, far away from the glass storm doors.

“What?!” I say, incredulous.

I make a frozen gluten free pizza in the oven for breakfast. Matthew makes coffee for the three of us. Laura has errands to do today as well, and with Drew’s car getting around Flagstaff will be super easy- the resupply dream! We all set out into the bright day, the sky bluebird, no memory of the storm except the new snow on Humphrey’s peak. By late afternoon we’re exhausted but everything is done, and I lay in my sleeping bag and edit blog posts and tiktoks for hours, eat grocery store sushi and a bagged salad that is supposed to be kale but is mostly shredded broccoli stalks, like they always are. Shredded broccoli stalks are good. It’s just that they’ll give me so much gas I’ll feel like a deflating neo-air all night long.

Drew and his girlfriend Millissa get home in the evening, tired from the grand canyon, with pizza, and turn up the heat for us- it’s below freezing outside. We chat until we’re all droopy with sleep and then we climb into our various nests, planning on a 5:30 wakeup time to get back on the trail.

I’m using this AZT blog to raise funds for Trans Queer Pueblo, a rad org that provides support to trans and queer people seeking asylum and/or in immigration detention along the US/Mexico border. Here is the fundraiser– it was at about $9k when I first posted it, let’s see if we can reach their $15k goal! For every $150 raised, I’ll post another blog post. And thank you!