New Zine: Co-Regulating With the Desert Globemallow

Like all of us, I’ve had a lot of feelings this year. I spent two months in Alaska this summer, processing these feelings. I made a photo + words zine about it, bc I wanted something offline; the most meaningful connections I’ve had in 2020, with myself, others and the earth, have been offline.

You can order the zine here.

I wanted something u cld hold in yr hands while sitting in the dirt, talking to other real live humans, contemplating endings and beginnings, grieving, imagining new futures and worlds. All photos are from Alaska and Southern Arizona. 44 pages. International shipping is available this this time!

Order here.

Also, the quarantine special on my PCT thru-hiking 101 course is still in effect- for a little while longer, I’m offering the class on a sliding scale of $0 to $300. More details can be found here. Are you planning on hiking the PCT in 2021, if things feel chill with Covid? This class, made especially for those new to long-distance hiking, is a great intro to all things PCT.