How to Hike The PCT: An Online Course

Hey all, I’m teaching an online workshop on how to hike the PCT!

This four week, self-guided course begins January 4, 2020. Each week, participants will receive instructional videos, reading material and homework. You will be able to watch the videos when you want to and work at your own pace, and complete the materials on a schedule that works for you. The course contains enough material to cover the topics listed below in depth, but not so much that you can’t manage it alongside a full time job.

Tickets are $100, and spots are limited. Click here to reserve your spot via eventbrite!

Here is the full course description:

Do you want to hike the PCT in 2020, or beyond? Are you drowning while sifting through online information about gear, resupplies, permits and itineraries? Are you completely overwhelmed at the thought of training beforehand and injury prevention while on trail? Are you wondering what you can eat with your dietary restrictions, how many calories to plan for each day, and how much all of this is going to cost? Do you have one hundred American dollars and the capacity to watch videos? Then this is the course for you!

This four week course starts January 4th, 2020. In it, we will cover:

-Gear selection: trail-tested options for the kind of gear that works for YOU, for your budget and comfort level. We’ll also cover footwear and clothing, plus info on what gear I personally like best for the PCT

-What to eat on trail, even with food restrictions: you can be vegan! You can be gluten free! Heck, you can even be paleo! Also stove vs. no stove, getting the nutrition your body needs, and how to plan your calorie intake

-Navigation: the guthook app

-The PCT permit: how to try and get one if you don’t have one already as well as how the permit works

-Itinerary: the best time of year to start the trail for what you want your experience to be, southbound vs. northbound, flipping, section hiking, and how to calculate miles per day and rest days

-Resupply: whether to send yourself boxes or resupply locally in stores based on your preferences and dietary restrictions, and how to avoid some common money-wasting pitfalls when making your boxes

-Training before your hike: This includes a training plan!

-How much is all of this going to cost: budgets for every comfort level

-Creating content while on trail: my experience and recommendations

-Fire and ice: snow in the Sierras, high river crossings, flipping around fire closures and other events you might need to be prepared for

-Injuries and health issues on trail: blisters, tendonitis, Bad Ankles, chafe, hypothermia, waterborne illness- what are they, and how do we prevent and manage them?

-Desert hiking: how to stay safe and hydrated

-A hundred things you might not have considered: shitting in the woods, campsite selection, trail names, condensation, mice, mosquitoes, hiking with others vs. solo, PCT trail culture, what to do if it’s REALLY windy or if it suddenly starts to hail, etc

-Are bears a thing? Do you need a gun? And other questions that might be keeping you up at night

-Plus additional detailed information on each section of the PCT: The desert! The high Sierras! Norcal! Oregon! Washington!

At the end of each week there will be a live Q&A. You can either participate in this, or send in questions beforehand for me to answer and access it later to watch it.

No hiking or outdoors experience is needed to take this course! This course is formulated both for beginners and those with experience.

Who am I?

I’m Carrot Quinn. I’ve thru-hiked the PCT twice, and the Washington section four times. I’ve also hiked lots of other trails and routes, in almost every possible terrain, for a total of about ten thousand miles. The PCT is incredible, and it was my first long distance trail. I created this course because it’s something that I wish existed before my hike.

Why take this course?

While some information is perennial, gear options and availability and the nature of the PCT itself changes each year. This course is a great way to learn what’s happening NOW and what gear people are using NOW, without having to sift through the entire internet.

Click here to reserve your spot via Eventbrite!

Feel free to email me at if you have further questions about the course.