Muffy’s Blog

Did you know that Muffy is blogging every day from the MRT too? And she’s a really good writer!

Muffy’s blog is here-

Muffy and I have so many posts from the Mogollon Rim Trail written, just waiting to go up! We’re putting them up together as we reach fundraising goals🤓 The fundraiser for Francis’ asylum appeal ( only needs $50 for the next set of our posts to go up, and another set will go up every $100 after that. If every one of yall who follow this blog contributed $1, the fundraiser would be more than funded, and that would cover the blogs for the rest of the trail! Let’s help Francis get the support he needs so he’s not deported to El Salvador, where he could be murdered. And thanks to everyone who’s contributed already! Seriously!! 💕😀 💕

The fundraiser is here