The full gear list for my Brooks Range Traverse 2018

(While you’re here, you should read this article on bullying and abuse in the outdoors community– it’s the best thing I’ve read yet on the subject- Sasha DiGulian, Joe Kinder, and the Reframing of Normal.)

My regular 3 season base weight (for other routes and trails) is 11lbs (you can see it here). My base weight for this trip is… much higher than that. For this trip I’ve added the heaviest pack I’ve ever carried (that will carry heavier loads comfier yet makes my base weight heavier… what even is anything), bearspray, a garmin inreach, a kindle paperwhite, a two person tent (that I’m not sharing with anyone so I can’t be like “I’m carrying the shelter you carry this other doodad” in order to negate the extra weight), a full length neo-air instead of torso length (I kept waiting for my torso length neo-air to get a hole or delaminate or some shit so I would have an excuse to replace it with a full length bc I’m officially Too Old To Sleep With My Food Bag Under My Legs but it’s still going strong after 9,000 miles (altho the inside is so full of mildew it looks black when held up against the light) so I finally said Fuck It and just bought the full length), a wee canister stove (which actually has weight as opposed to my soda can alcohol stove, which has no discernable mass as far as I can tell), an extra mini bic (the real culprit here, let’s be honest), a suntactics S5 solar charger, and either a bearvault 500 bearcan or an ursack (am I really gonna spend $100 on a literal sack? JFC) depending on whether I’m in the eastern or western brooks/how brave I’m feeling in the face of my own fears about bears as opposed to the actual chill experience of bears that has been related to me by the people who have done this exact route in the same way I am about to do it. (Their advice: only carry a bear can in the western brooks where the park requires it, don’t stress about bears generally.) (Every year, more people are killed in Alaska by moose than bears. The #1 killer of backpackers in Alaska is stream crossings. The real danger on this trip is stream crossings, not bears, but have I gotten a single email from a stranger splaining at me about how I’m gonna die crossing a stream and the seventeen very ridiculous things I should do/pieces of gear I should carry to avoid succumbing to the raging waters of the arctic? Noooo.) (Please don’t take this as an invitation to email me and tell me that I’m gonna die in a stream crossing. I have a good amount of experience crossing sketchy streams/plenty of tools in my mental toolbox for sketchy stream crossings and Bunny has even more.)

Having a 15lb or 17lb baseweight (depending) does bum me out a bit but the only thing I’d feel chill about changing is the kindle, which I might decide to leave at home. I won’t have to carry water hardly ever, as we’ll be following drainages with streams in them for the entire route, so that will make my pack lighter in a different way, and I’m curious to see how heavy this baseweight will actually end up feeling on my body. At any rate, I’m stoked about the cushy mosquito-free palace I’ll get to sleep in every night, my ability to send text messages, all the books I’ll read in the spare time I won’t have, and most of all, having TWO cute tiny lighters instead of one.

Here are details, enjoy!

Brooks range gear Weight (ounces)
Pack: ULA Circuit 41
Shelter: Zpacks duplex w guylines and stuff sack 21
MSR mini groundhog stakes, 8 stakes at .35oz 2.8
Quilt: Enlightened Equipment 10 degree enigma 22
Thermarest women’s neo air xlite regular 12
1/8 inch foam pad (to protect neo air) 2.5
Sleeping bag stuff sack 1
Steripen Ultra 5.6
Stove: MSR Pocket Rocket 2 2.6
Pot: Evernew titanium 900ml pot with lid, aluminum foil windscreen and stuff sack 5.1
Titanium spork 0.6
Sea to summit silicone cup (for tea) 1.6
Platypus 2 liter bottle 1.3
Gatorade bottles x 2 2.5
Lighter- mini bic x 2 0.8
Knife (tiny swiss army classic w scissors and blade) 1
Petzl e-lite headlamp (never gonna be dark lol) 1
Kindle paperwhite 7.2
Samsung galaxy S9 Smartphone in otterbox case (with the gaia app for navigation contained therein) 7
Paper maps 2
Anker external battery 20,000 MaH (charges phone 4.5 times) 12
Suntactics s5 solar charger 7
2 cables and wall cubes for charging gadgets 4
Garmin inreach explorer 7.5
Trash compactor bag pack liner x 2 2
Bearspray in holster 12.5
Montbell superior down parka, men’s small 8.7
Marmot helium 2 rain jacket 7
Tights 7
Extra pair of lightweight synthetic running socks 1
Bandanna x 3 (pee rag, snot rag, under-the-hat shade rag) 3
One pair exofficio underwear 1
Warm hat 2
Lightweight fleece gloves 2
Smartwool microweight long sleeve shirt 5
Mosquito headnet as stuff sack for clothes 1
Wallet- baggie w cards and cash 2
Toilet paper 3
Deuce of spades trowel 0.6
Sunglasses and case 3
Sunscreen 4
One ounce bottle of hand sanitizer 1
Granite gear air pocket large (for smol things) 0.9
Things in air pocket: hairties, three ear plugs, cute miniature vaseline (for chafe), antibio ointment, roll of white cloth medical tape for blisters, extra ear plugs (jewelry), Toothbrush and paste, floss with sewing needle inside, small bit of duct tape, pen with a few pieces of paper, v small compass, ibuprofen, chapstick x 4 (fear of running out), earbuds, tiny plastic camp mirror 3
Bearvault 500 bear canister (western brooks) 41
Ursack major xl food bag (eastern brooks) 9
Base weight for the western brooks 276oz or 17.25lbs
Base weight for the eastern brooks 247 oz or 15.25lbs

Worn on my body: rei hiking pants (meh), rei long sleeve button down (meh), patagonia duck bill cap, sports bra, lightweight synthetic running socks, brooks cascadias, black diamond ultra-distance z poles.

Additional gear for the Noatak river (weight doesn’t matter as much for this portion bc we’ll be in boats, whew)

Aire Lynx 1 Inflatable Kayak

Aire waterproof frodo bag, large

Aire carlisle magic plus paddle

Aire thigh straps

Aire K200 Kpump

Kokatat Meridian Dry Suit

Kokatat Msfit Tour PFD

Kotatat Portage booties

Steel bear proof food storage drum

Waterproof mitts

Fleece jacket and pants

Extra trash compactor bags

…and some other things for the Noatak portion that I’m probably forgetting (Bunny is in charge of planning our river gear, so)

We’ve raised $3,500 for Defend the Sacred AK so far- we’re only $1,500 away from the goal! Help support this native-led organization in their fight to protect ANWR while we’re chillin at home. Here is the fundraiser, and thanks to everyone who’s contributed so far!

Alaska Traverse for Defend the Sacred AK

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