I’m doing a reading in Portland, I’m on a podcast, and some blogs that I like

Hai all! I’m doing a reading in Portland on Tuesday, August 9, at the Waypost, at 7pm, along with several other awesome women. Here’s a link to the facebook event page-https://www.facebook.com/events/1731064887173784/?ti=cl

Also! I’m on an episode of Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antionette! Nicole’s podcast is so good. It’s like Rich Roll, but with more actual women. Nicole and I talk about pooping in the woods, riding freight trains, and existential despair. Download all of her podcast episodes, and while away the hours listening to intelligent long-form conversations with smart, interesting people! Here’s the link- https://www.nicoleantoinette.com/podcast/carrot-quinn/

Speaking of things that are good, here are some blogs that I like-

Did you know that Jeff Garmire/Legend is hiking the calendar triple crown (that means the PCT, CDT and AT in one year), and that he’s currently on his final trail, the CDT, after hiking the AT in winter and then crushing the PCT in 80 days? And he blogs every single day. Read his blog here- http://freeoutside.com

Britton is new to long-distance hiking, and she decided to tackle the Oregon Coast Trail as her first adventure. I know nothing about this trail so it’s been fun to follow her blog, which is beautiful and introspective, and to see her nice pictures and such. Check it out- http://witchwandering.com

Finally, this is a blog I’ve been waiting to share here, because I was a little worried that if I mentioned it I would somehow jinx it?! And Arno would stop posting?! Because it is my favorite trail blog, and hands down the best trail writing I have EVER read, like ever ever, and I am kind of obsessed with it and I’ve read some of the entries like three or four times. What a relief to find a trail blog with such depth and intelligence and subtlety as this one, how fucking refreshing! I really hope that Arno finishes the blog and goes on to make a book or somesuch out of it, because… I don’t know. You just have to read it. Go back to the beginning and read the whole thing- http://onemorecrown.blogpost.com     

Come see me read in Portland! I’ll sign your copy of my book, and we can have awkard conversation! ha ha