CDT day 131: 2 Feral 4 Town

September 12
Mileage: 8.5
2,530 miles hiked

I barely sleep in that special hotel-room way, everything being too cold/hot/loud/quiet/unnatural seeming and animated from within by electricity, like a big machine. How am I supposed to sleep inside a big machine?

The charm of town wears off a soon as I am no longer hungry. Get me out of here! In town people stare at me. They think I’m a smelly homeless person and there are taboos against that. And there are people everywhere, always looking, always expecting you to act a certain way. In the mountains I am free. In the mountains I can poop in a hole. In the mountains I can floss my teeth with a piece of grass. I can lay down in a meadow and eat a sandwich. I can pee where ever I want. The mountains and forests are my home right now and that is where I live. There may not be hot showers or interesting meals there but everything in my pack and everything that I do makes sense. In the woods I might be hungry or cold or lonely, but I am never dirty or homeless or poor.

I get a text message from Track Meat- he and Spark had to stay an extra day in Lake City to wait for a package, and won’t get into Pagosa Springs until tomorrow. I wanted to hike this final section with the two of them, but I already bought my plane ticket back to Oregon, and waiting an extra day would make me miss my flight. Dammit! So I’ll finish the trail solo. There’s probably some sort of zen lesson in all of this.

I finally hitch out at 3:30 p.m., and hike just eight miles once I get to the trailhead. There’s a forested saddle there, a low point around 10k feet before the trail climbs back up again. I want to be warm tonight, so I’m camping here. I eat all sorts of things for dinner- I purposefully packed too much food for this final, 69 mile section. I don’t want to worry about food now at the end. I just want to really, really enjoy myself. Salami sandwiches for days!

I can’t believe I’ll be finished so soon.

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