CDT day 95: Rawlins

August 7
Mileage: 12
1786 miles hiked

I wake as the sun is coming up, warming the damp grass. I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would after my long day. I feel pretty good, actually. I make my granola/protein powder/chia seeds, get more water, and pack up. Town today!

After about an hour of walking on the flat sandy dirt road through the yellow plains I start to crash. Ugh, I guess I am a little tired. And I have that special hungover feeling that always follows the day after getting a bit dehydrated. My music seems too loud, and the light is jarring. Woo!

I reach Rawlins around midday. Rawlins, Wyoming is kind of a sad place. Functional and humming with industry- motels packed along the highway, almost all booked up with “contractors”- but sad. A stopping place, a place between here and somewhere else. In towns like this I always think of my own sad hometown, and wonder about the locals. What do the teenagers here do? What do they imagine is possible/reasonable in life?

After calling five motels I finally find a room at the Days Inn. Check-in isn’t until 3 so I go to the grocery store to resupply for the next section, 140 miles to Steamboat Springs, Colorado (Colorado! The final state!!) and walk up and down each aisle very slowly, picking things up and putting them back down again. I buy all the usual high calorie/vaguely nutritious junk food for resupply and get roast chicken, potato salad, vegetables and hummus for the motel room.

In my room I take off all my gross clothes, wash them in the sink, work on my blog and fall asleep around 4 with the fan running and light coming in from the window, which looks out at the dismal parkinglot. I wake again a few hours later feeling dazed. Naps kind of fuck me up. But then they are also sometimes the best thing ever. Track Meat and Spark are camping just outside of town tonight, so they don’t have to pay for lodging. I’ll see them in the morning. I order sweet potato fries to go from the restaurant attached to the motel and eat them in my room. More blog, more internet things. Real night comes. More sleep.

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